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 » Request for confirmation of the Bank guarantee issued by our Bank may be made through E Mail to the concerned Zonal Office as specified in the covering letter of the Bank guarantee. Beneficiaries to enclose a scanned copy of their request letter alongwith the E mail.
 » Mail confirmation shall also be sent to the beneficiary.
 »  If the beneficiary does not receive confirmation through E Mail from the concerned Zonal office within 7 days from the date of E Mail, the beneficiary may take up with Corporate Office, Credit Division, Chennai for getting confirmation. The E mail address is hocredit[at]indianbank[dot]co[dot]in. The request to Corporate Office should contain the details of the guarantee and date on which the matter was taken up with the Zonal office.
 »  This e mail service is only an additional facility provided by the Bank . Neither Bank nor our Bank officials shall be held responsible for any technical snag / E Mail not received / E Mail not properly received etc.
 »  As Digital Certificates may become mandatory in course of time, the beneficiaries of Guarantees are advised to obtain Digital certificates for the purpose of obtaining Bank guarantee confirmation through E Mail.

Sr No. Zonal Office E Mail Address
1 Ahmedabad gteeahmedabad[at]indianbank[dot]co[dot]in
2 Bangalore gteebangalore[at]indianbank[dot]co[dot]in
3 Bhubaneswar gteebhubaneswar[at]indianbank[dot]co[dot]in
4 Chandigarh gteechandigarh[at]indianbank[dot]co[dot]in
5 Chennainorth gteechennainorth[at]indianbank[dot]co[dot]in
6 Chennaisouth gteechennaisouth[at]indianbank[dot]co[dot]in
7 Chittoor gteechittoor[at]indianbank[dot]co[dot]in
8 Coimbatore gteecoimbatore[at]indianbank[dot]co[dot]in
9 Cuddalore gteecuddalore[at]indianbank[dot]co[dot]in
10 Dharmapuri gteedharmapuri[at]indianbank[dot]co[dot]in
11 Delhi gteedelhi[at]indianbank[dot]co[dot]in
12 Ernakulam gteeernakulam[at]indianbank[dot]co[dot]in
13 Ghaziabad gteeghaziabad[at]indianbank[dot]co[dot]in
14 Guwahati gteeguwahati[at]indianbank[dot]co[dot]in
15 Hyderabad gteehyderabad[at]indianbank[dot]co[dot]in
16 Hubli gteehubli[at]indianbank[dot]co[dot]in
17 Kancheepuram gteekancheepuram[at]indianbank[dot]co[dot]in
18 Karnal gteekarnal[at]indianbank[dot]co[dot]in
19 Kolkata gteekolkata[at]indianbank[dot]co[dot]in
20 Kumbakonam gteekumbakonam[at]indianbank[dot]co[dot]in
21 Lucknow gteelucknow[at]indianbank[dot]co[dot]in
22 Madurai gteemadurai[at]indianbank[dot]co[dot]in
23 Mumbai gteemumbai[at]indianbank[dot]co[dot]in
24 Patna gteepatna[at]indianbank[dot]co[dot]in
25 Pondicherry gteepondicherry[at]indianbank[dot]co[dot]in
26 Pune gteepune[at]indianbank[dot]co[dot]in
27 Salem gteesalem[at]indianbank[dot]co[dot]in
28 Trichy gteetrichy[at]indianbank[dot]co[dot]in
29 Tirunelveli gteetirunelveli[at]indianbank[dot]co[dot]in
30 Vellore gteevellore[at]indianbank[dot]co[dot]in
31 Vijayawada gteevijayawada[at]indianbank[dot]co[dot]in
32 Visakhapatnam gteevisakhapatnam[at]indianbank[dot]co[dot]in
33 Thiruvananathapuram gteethiruvananathapuram[at]indianbank[dot]co[dot]in
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